repulse bay lido

Mon, 05/29/2023 - 18:20

This photo shows a different angle of the Lido at Repulse Beach that I titled "Lido at Repulse Bay 1938 (2)" and that had been labelled by my Warren cousin as 1938 - perhaps incorrectly. The other features in this photo may help to determine the exact year. There is a strange ring structure on the mountainside to the left for example.

Date picture taken


On the ridge above Eucliffe is a fresh water service reservoir and pumping station. The photo may show works associated with the construction of the reservoir, pipeline, access road etc . Tenders were invited for the new service reservoir in August 1937.

Thanks for this information. If the faint ring on the ridge above Eucliffe relates to preparatory works for the reservoir for which tenders were invited in August 1937, perhaps the 1938 date given for our photo of the Repulse Bay Lido isn't so wrong. Cicely Warren, who probably took the photo, left Hong Kong with her children (and the family photos) in the summer of 1938. The only subsequent surviving photos taken of her husband, Leslie were posted by him to her. Any kept my him would have been lost in the war.