Jordan Road

Sun, 05/28/2023 - 15:21
Date picture taken
1963 (year is approximate)


According to Uwants, this photo was taken in 1963. The taxis model Morris Oxford was used in the 1960s. The tea house "雲天大茶樓" opened in 1952. More exactly, the tea house on the left had address 37 Jordan rd at the Jordan rd-Temple st junction. We are looking east along Jordan rd. The traffic pagoda was near Shanghai st.

Siu Hing Building would be completed in 1964 on the empty lot at the northeast junction of Temple Street and Jordan Road.  Year 1963 as suggested by Uwants would be about right.

It is a commercial slide. The photographer took other photos of the junction around the same time. The focus was on the policeman on the traffic pagoda.