1873 Proposed new road

Mon, 04/03/2023 - 04:41

UK National Archives ref: MPG 1/791

For details, and cautions about whether or not to believe the "1873" date, see: https://gwulo.com/node/59343

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This 1873 map is very eye-opening. HK island was ceded to Britain for just about 30 years and such a complex road system had already been developed. I would like to commend Mr. Bellis for taking the time and effort to dig this map out from the British National Archives. After reading this map in detail, I would like to bring the following to other readers’ attention: 1) In 1873, Queen’s Road West ended at Sai Ying Pon instead of about a mile further west. It bent uphill and merged with Third Street at Sai Ying Pon. When Queen’s Road West was extended further westward at the bend, the uphill section of the road connecting to Third street was renamed Water Street.  2) In 1873, Robinson Road spanned from Bonham Road to the intersection of Centre Street and ended at the intersection with Old Peak Road and Upper Albert Road. Since then, Robinson Road was extended westward parallel to Bonham Road but at a higher elevation. The old section of Robinson Road, connecting to Bonham Road, was renamed Park Road.  3)  In the 1873 map, it shows that the Botanic Garden was already built, at least the main section east of Upper Albert Road. (Section of the map in green color) Looks like the animal zoo section of the Botanic Garden, located on the west side of Upper Albert Road, had not been developed yet.

Inland Lot No. 288 was deeded on 15th July 1870 by Major General Henry Wase Whitfield (on behalf of the Colony of Hong Kong) for the purposes of a “Mussalman Cemetery”. It is interesting to note that the map referred to what is known now as the Muslim Cemetery was labelled here as the ‘Indian Soldiers Cemetery’.

What I also find interesting is the number of streams and rivers marked on the map winding its way down to Happy Valley and the other populous areas of Hong Kong. I am sure there was a thread here in gwulo about the location of wells in Hong Kong.