plan of morrison hill area 1911 2

Tue, 03/07/2023 - 03:01

This is one of two plans of the Morrison Hill area that was linked to an application by my grandfather C.E. Warren to buy an area of Crown Land fronting Morrison Road. He had hoped to build fifteen houses with affordable rents for clients whom he termed "working men". From my grandfather's cited letter of reply to the DPW, it seems that the large amount of cutting that was going to have to be done was not going to give an adequate return on the outlay. If the piece of land was eventually put up for public auction, he seems not to have bid for it. The area in question is bounded by an emboldened line. There are four map sheets linked to this application. I have concealed the duplicated area in the two sheets shown here in order to make the two plans join up. Unfortunately the lettering of the names is very blurred. I think the hospital on the left is the Seamens Hospital (despite the late date) - more distinct in the second map I shall upload. I don't have any information about the shaded and greyed in areas on the Wanchai Road and Heard Street. On the Wanchai Road there seem to be seven heavily delineated buildings with indistinct numbers. I'm sure other contributors will be able to help and to name other features that I've left out. The PWD reports for 1911-1914 may have more information.

Date picture taken
20 Oct 1913