location unknown

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 15:21

I have here another slide, to ask of your help, where that location could have been. Thank you.

Date picture taken


Hi There

Preliminary obsaervation is that it is the 'High West' at the back.  That make it somewhere alog the western coast of Hong Kong Island.  More towards somewhere between Western Street and Kennedy Town.



Apologies - I jumped the gun with my initial identification of this ferry!

After further careful examination of profiles of 1950s ferries I would suggest that it is one of two earlier wooden hulled ferries - the MAN HO – built in 1956 or the MAN YING built in 1957. Although the name is indistinct it looks like the MAN HO which was sold in 1971 for further service between Singapore and Sumatra.The MAN HO sank off Vietnam during a storm  in July 1971.






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