12-14 Wood Road, Wanchai

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 04:13
Date picture taken
14 Dec 2022


Hi LizB

Thanks for the photo

I used to live here in 1960 for 3 years.

I will get more info to you later 

Thanks you very much 

Anthony Ma

Hi Anthony, I look forward to hearing more about your time living here in the 1960s. It seems to be one of the few older buildings left on Wood Rd and is quite a distinctive shape.  Best wishes, Liz

Not far away at 28 Wood road in 1977. At the Wood road-Burrows street junction, there was a bicycle rental and a store. Opposite the store on Burrows st was the Imperial theater. One can see part of the theater sign. There are a lot of schools concentrated in this area and hence a lot of students around.  Wah Yan College is near the Wood Road-Queens road east junction. Walking down to the end of the block on Wood road, 12 Wood road is on the left. Further down north we reach the Wanchai road.

1977 28 wood road
1977 28 wood road, by simtang