1900 Lee (now Li ) Yuen Street East

Mon, 01/02/2023 - 02:24

I notice that David uploaded a thread on Lee Yuen Street West (now Li Yuen Street West) in 2014. I believe that Des Voeux Road must intersect Li Yuen Street West and East, although it is not named on the Plan shown. The above Plan showing Lee Yuen Street East is annexed to the Assignment of "The Remaining Portion of Section A" of Marine Lot 10B dated 13 November 1900 and relates to 30-32 Des Voeux Road. The property was bought by C.E. Warren & Co. in 1919 after a long period during which the company had rented first no. 30 and then nos. 30-32 together as their main premises. I assume that Des Voeux Road must run across the bottom of the Plan shown. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

Date picture taken
13 Nov 1900