Hong Kong Pier Company Godown

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HKU reference: d2009.0004

Date picture taken
1 Jan 1874 (day, month, and year are approximate)



The Hong Kong Daily Press 4 April 1873  (see here) notes the new pier and godowns, which have now been completed, under the direction of Messrs Wilson & Salway, architects and civil engineers, form a noticeable addition to the engineering works in Hong Kong. The Pier is 1000 feet long by 50 wide, and is built in the most solid manner of Manila hardwood, which has been carefully selected as most likely to resist the action of sea worms. There are two lines of rail running the length of the pier on each side, so that the trucks (wagons) can be kept passing the cargo up in constant rotation. A locomotive engine from Home is to draw them. A shed of corrugated iron, 250 feet long and 50 feet wide is to be erected to enable the cargo to be passed from one side to the other in wet weather.

The Company ceased operations on 1 August 1873 (Notice in Hong Kong Daily Press 3 September 1873) and later wound up and a liquidator appointed

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