RAF pilot takes a bath in Kowloon Bay

Sat, 08/27/2022 - 16:52
Date picture taken
6 Dec 1925


No further info.

The posted date is I believe the magazine's publication date.

If the aircraft's serial number can be determined, the casualty listing in Air Britain's Fleet Air Arm publications should give a crash date and circumstances.

My copies of those publications have been disposed of.

Thanks. Noted the photo caption. The year 1925 just seemed a bit early for the RAF Base at Kai Tak. 

The magazine cover came from the Smithsonian Institute on-line. It’s conceivable I noted the published date incorrectly. Failing eyesight looking at computer screens is the excuse.

However, RAF/Fleet Air Arm aircraft did use Kai Tak field during Harry Abbott's tenure of the site prior to ‘RAF Base Kai Tak’ as it was formerly known being established on 10-03-1927. Note ‘Kai Tak’ being in use at this early date. The widely used ‘Kai Tack’ would also be in common use for some time ahead.