1951 sham shui po post office

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Sham Shui po post office in 1951. A news report in 1956 indicates the post office was moving to Un Chau Street. It also mentioned the one in this picture was in the middle of the Nam Cheong Street (南昌街) where a nullah was located between Un Chau street and Tung Chau street. On google map, you can see there is a whole stretch of sitting-out area nowadays after the nullah was covered up. The report said the location is inconvenient during busy hours as the queue gets long and people spill over into the middle of the traffic.

  As for the the exact location, any information is welcome.

1956 news report
1956 news report, by simtang
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Hi There,

Based on the photo, the nullah was quite narrow on that location.  I suspect it was closer towards the Tai Po Road junction.  Also if you go further up, that would be Shek Kip Mei instead of Sham Shui Po.


How Nam Cheong street looked like around 1980. A hawker bazaar was built in 1960 over the nullah decking. After hawkers moved in, they started to expand their designated area with illegal structures. In 1986, government ordered them to move out in order to build sitting-out areas there. The picture was taken at the Un Chau street-Nam Cheong street junction looking south.

Hawker bazaar in Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po (c. 1980s)
Hawker bazaar in Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po (c. 1980s), by simtang

Greetings, and thank you simtang for posting this photo.  I remember buying stamps at this place several times in the early 1950s.  The two staff stood on ground a bit higher so this boy had to look way up,  a disadvantage competing with the adults.  The atmosphere in this photo is more orderly, often people did not wait in queue in that cramp up place.

The 1947 air photo confirms the location as I remember - above the Nam Cheong nullah one-half block north of, and its entrance facing,  Lai Chi Kok Road.  The same tree appears to be in both photos.  Also of interest is the close up view of the nullah construction.

As a side interest, Praying Mantis instructor Wong Hon Fun taught on the Tai Nam Street rooftop a bit to the east-southeast (red dot) where I took lessons in the early 1960s.  Regards,  Peter  

post office nam cheong st nullah by lai chi kok rd 1947
post office nam cheong st nullah by lai chi kok rd 1947, by OldTimer