Food stall at Mee Lun Street

Fri, 07/01/2022 - 20:24

At the junction of Gough Street and Mee Lun Street.

Would you still call this Dai Pai Dong?

Date picture taken
5 Dec 2014


Hi Klaus,

This one is quite famous and is called Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園).  It is there for decades.  Some 15-20 years ago, it had been brought to attention in local forums then.  I believe it had been in tourist guides since.

The environment is not considered comfy to me though.  There is a public loo just behind it at the alley.  It is on road side and if a lorry comes by, the dust and exhaust might not be plesant.  Might be alright in deep autumn (I do not consider there is Winter locally anymore) when it is cool while the food is hot.  The establishment does present comfort food like macoroni in thick tomato soup and good toasts.  Too crowded of my liking anyway.