The Superintending Electrical Engineers Dept., Naval Dockyard

Mon, 04/04/2022 - 22:13

My father, Peter Bullock is sitting in the left hand end of the front row. The photo has the names of many of the people shown on the back of it. 

Front row (from left to right): A.T. Bullock, L.W. Gould, D.E. Pow, Lt. Cdr. P.C. Burfield, L.R.Hompstead, E.R.Evans, Lt. Cdr. B.H.A.Seeley, L.A. Freeman, T.E. Bird, L.C.Davidson, Y.F.Wong.

Second row (from left to right): Cheung Sang, H.C.Ng, C.Low, L.A.Stewart, R.V.Fogerty, L.Trim, G.J.Scutt, K.J.Bond, H.Thornycroft, E.J. Rockey, L.Neal, D.A.Latty, E.F.S.Pullen, D.R.A.Blowers, E.G.Allan, T.Ryder, Ho Tak.

Third row (from left to right): Koon Po, K.F.Ng, S.K.Chung, H. Gresham, E.Sayer, C.F.COleman, J.G.J.White,

I'm afraid other names are incomplete. 

The Freeman and the Scutt families were friends who feature on other photos that I have not posted. 

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