1939 Letter Written By Mr. Jan Con Sang

Sun, 03/27/2022 - 15:06

Letter head-Sincere Department Store in Hong Kong. I think Sincere Department Store in 1939 was located on DeVauex Rd. on Hong Kong side of the British Colony. Signed in English by Mr. Jan Con-Sang( which means "work in order to stay alive" ). Mr. Jan received his education in the 1890s, from a Mr. T.W. Otis who ran a night school for the Chinese Laborers residing in Prescott, Territorial Arizona. The class was held inside the wood structure, the first First Congregational Church, which was burnt down during one of the large fires which burnt down the whole town of Prescott, twice in the 1890s...Mr. Jan returned to 'China' possibly Hong Kong in 1902. Either joined or started the Sincere Department Store with a group of Chinese Christians/Protestants, mainly the Ma family's brothers. Mr. Jan's oldest son was the manager at the Shanghai Sincere Department Store when the Japanese bombed ShangHai in August of 1937(8). He escaped with minor injuries and moved down to join Mr. Jan in Hong Kong(British Crown Colony) probably in 1945 when the war with Japanese ended and Chinese Civil War started between Mao and Chiang....

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