Aerial View of Sham Shui Po and Shek Kip Mei 1973-08-02.jpg

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 12:00

Redevelopment of Sham Shui Po and Shek Kip Mei 1973

Date picture taken
2 Aug 1973


Hi There,

This photo vaguely showed the illegal buildings on top of and across the Nam Cheong Road Nullah.  If you have a big enough monitor, try to use the web browser's own zoom in function (Depressing <Ctrl>-<+> in Chrome, or use your fingers if you have touch screen) and you should be able to see the fuzzy image.



Nice aerial photo of the area, thanks. PaulO.  Given the concrete barriers, entrance to the shops above the nullah was from the side streets, for example Tai Nam and Ki Lung streets.  Inside there was a narrow walkway, and division between shops was a simple curtain.  One shop I visited had a floor opening about 12 inches square (they forgot to close it) where I could look down to the nullah.  Regards,  Peter