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Wed, 01/05/2022 - 12:42

There is no record of why the unusual 4 original octagonal cowsheds format was chosen compared the many linear sheds with paddocks, although Nigel Cameron wrote in Hongkong Land's company history book in 1986 that this configuration was in use in parts of the American Mid-West at the time (c1886). It was thus generally assumed that it was possible that both imported cows and the cowshed blueprints came from the United States. (Later from Australia, Scotland and Holland) By 1889 four octaganol cowsheds were in operation, and it was proposed to erect more.  Today only two of the original octagonal cowsheds remain. The cowsheds had a sentimental value for Dairy Farm hence sponsoring the cowsheds restoration / renovation project in 2004 preserving the historic buildings.

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