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Tue, 12/21/2021 - 01:38

Ulick Farrell, Pansy Farrell ? Hong Kong? circa 1912


I've found out that my great grandfather was living in 'The Blarney Stone' in 1913. I have a picture taken around that time but I don't know if this is 'the blarney Stone' or somewhere else he was living in that area. Any help would be gratefully received. 

Thank you

Lydia Turner

Date picture taken


If you look at the gateposts, the white strips near the top sometimes had the name of the house written on them.

If I zoom in on the left gatepost I can see it shows your g-grandfather's name, "U A Farrell".

The right gatepost isn't clear enough in this scan to see what is written, but if you have the original photo, can you use a strong magnifying glass to see what is written there?

Regards, David

PS I've also made a page for Mr Farrell at https://gwulo.com/node/56982 to gather any more information about him and his stay in Hong Kong.

Thnak you David. The gatepost on the left as you look at it appears to say H.A Farrell. My grandfather used to call himselft Hugh rather than Ulick. I have been unable to see what the word on the other gateposts says unfortuately, however much I magnify it.

Thank you for your help with this

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I don't believe this photo shows the Blarney Stone, as looking at the photos and map of that building (see https://gwulo.com/node/31646/photos) they don't match this scene (the building in the photo is too close to the street, and the building-street alignment don't match).

Looking at the left gatepost again, there is a light-coloured square below the name. Can you see if it shows a street number?

Do you know any other addresses for your grandfather while he lived in Hong Kong?