Swimming Pool, Lo Wu Camp, New Territories, Hong Kong 1980

Sun, 09/26/2021 - 00:52

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For the Op Culex tour of Hong Kong (see below), Royal Regiment of Wales Battalion Headquarters and C Company were based at Lo Wu Camp near the main border with the People's Republic of China. On arrival, there was a disused swimming pool, filled with rubbish, which we immediately cleaned out and recommissioned. It was very welcome in the heat and humidity!

Taken during an Op Culex tour in late 1980. Op Culex was the name for support of the Hong Kong government in stemming the tide of illegal immigrants from the People's Republic of China. This was a Sisyphean task until the HK government ended the policy of granting residence permits to those who managed to make it to HK Island. Numbers dropped dramatically after that.

Source: This image came from Flickr, see https://flickr.com/photo.gne?id=42419004612

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1 Nov 1980
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