Ping Shan (屏山) police station, New Territories

Wed, 08/18/2021 - 03:37

This photo is also posted by the University of Bristol.

They give the following information:

Image from an album in the National Archives entitled: 'Photographic views of certain places in the NEW TERRITORY / Enclosure to Despatch No.304 of the 12th. August, 1901.', referenced at the National Archives as: 'HONG KONG 8. Photographic views of certain places in the New Territories. 1901. (CO 1069/451)'.

Also available on Wikimedia Commons.

This photo is annotated and identifies two halls (behind the bend of the river) as Tang Ancestral Hall (left) and Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall.

Possibly the second building on the right is the Kun Ting Study Hall. All building seem to be located along one road.

Date picture taken


My father was District Officer / Ping Shan circa 1950-52.  My vague impression was that his office was on a hill which was also his Special Magistracy.  Could the DO Office be sharing the same place as the Police Station?

I visited this station in 1976 when it was the base of the RHKP Police Dog Unit.