Sat, 05/29/2021 - 18:45
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Been there twice, the stone is often covered with thick moss... still can't figure out if there is the number 38 inscribed on it. Can only read the letters AL 15(?).

On which side of the stone is the number 38?

It looks different from the #39 stone, are those stones having one side inscribed with the AL lot number, whereas the other side got the order number for this particular lot?

** Please keep the boundary stone as original status as possible **
How we discover and identify ADBS# 38
- We found the 1905 ADMIRALTY  boundary map of The Peak Sanatoria,
- According to the site plan then we located where is the lot.

- Then we overlay the map and plot the boundary on the 1963 Aerial Photos;
- Tranlate the coordinate of the boundary stone;
- Site visit according to the given coordinate and check if the boundary stone still in poisition;
- Use RTK GPS to record the coordinate of discoverd boundary stone ;
- check the discovered boundary stone coordinate and compare the 1905 ADMIRALTY  boundary map;
- input the discovered boundary stone coordinate and infomation into our GIS system

According to the information on the map of The Peak Santoria and the coordinate of the boundary stones. We identify it is ADBS# 38 even the inscription is not clear.

AL15 The peak Sanatoria
AL15_Hong Kong Dockyard ADM 140:1484-1911.png, by Admiralty
MAP.jpg, by Admiralty