1920s Dragon Lodge, 32 Lugard Road

Mon, 03/15/2021 - 16:32
Date picture taken


Hi Moddsey,

Thanks for posting. It's Dragon, Lodge, 32 Lugard Road. A pic for comparison is this one dated 1924, but could be anytime in the early 1920's according to the poster.

Dragon Lodge
Dragon Lodge, by Jan Schultheiss

The 1924 pic shows scaffolding around the chimney nearest the camera. By the 1950's that chimney had been removed as seen here (the building furthest from camera).

1954 29 & 31 Lugard Road
1954 29 & 31 Lugard Road, by Admin

I'm wondering if the scaffolding in the 1920's pic shows the start of the chimney removal work, but it can't be if that date and the 1930 date for your pic are both correct. How confident are you of the 1930's date? Could it predate the 1920's pic?