David Tolliday Wright- Learned Lawyer

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 15:13

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David Tolliday Wright born Shropshire in 1943 but grew up in London [ Amazon Books]

At age 19 he joined the  Rhodesia Police. After Rhodesia gained independence he joined the Hong Kong Police. He changed his career to become a lawyer and married a Chinese woman.

He wrote a book called Grandchild of Empire:A British Life in Changing Times. Published 1 October 2015.

His  mother's maiden name was Tolliday

Birth Index  David T Wright Registered Quarter 2 1943 in Wellington Shropshire


Now 75 and as ironic as any millennial, David is feeling reflective. He’s spent 53 years in Hong Kong since arriving in 1965, with the exception of three years a to study law in Wales, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. “I’m very pro-Hong Kong. I’ve been here most of my life. I’m more connected to Hong Kong than my ‘own’ country,” he says. https://www.arounddb.com Where there is much more about him

DTW enlisted into the Northern Rhodesia Police as a Cadet on the 28 Feb 1962,being attested as an Assistant Inspector on the 29 Apr 1963.He joined the Hong Kong Police as a Probationery Inspector on the 10 Apr 1965 being promoted to Chief Inspector on the 18 May 1973,in which rank he retired from the service.

I am not quite  sure why David's photograph (above) has suddenly been reposted with some additional "comments" about his previous career and police service. I would be interested to  learn about the new-found interest in my Forum topic about The Railway Tavern posted back in 2021.

I was a close friend of David who, after a period of ill health, sadly passed away on 15th October 2022, aged 79 years.

David , who was a widower, married his former Filipina helper, Mel and I was proudly invited to be the Best Man and the legal  witness to the marriage. in March 2022. 

I was personaly deeply saddened by their  marriage being so short because Mel had stood by David’s side, day and night  nursing and caring for him for several years during his declining health.  And I was shocked beyond belief when his widow, Mel told me that his children from his first marriage had asked her to vacate the matrimonial home within less than one month after his passing.


Chinarail - the pictures have popped up again because I created a place for the Railway Tavern and added the related images to the place page.

Very sorry to hear about Mr Tolliday Wright.