Fri, 01/01/2021 - 19:18

(Upper) Tai Ping Shan District demolished after the 1894-outbreak. The exact year of the upper photo is yet to be found out. Can only narrow down to: c.1895 (according to A Century of HK Roads and Streets), pre-1905 (opening of Blake Garden), c.1901 (American Board Mission Building certainly came into existence). 

Purple: American Board Mission Building

Blue: Tank Lane

Green: U Lam Terrace (to-be-constructed) and Rozario Street

Yellow: upper section of Market Street (later renamed as Po Hing Fong)

Red: Caine Lane

This probably belongs to the same collection as https://gwulo.com/atom/28310, as the 2 temporary bamboo sheds, 2 piles of dirts, and the pile of bamboos were almost identical in shapes and positions in the two photos.


Date picture taken