1945 Nov Hong Kong Liberation.jpg

Thu, 12/31/2020 - 16:26
Date picture taken
1 Nov 1945


It looks as though Lindy is wearing a tartan skirt, which is a good fit for the bagpipes.

The group look to be sitting on the steps of a building.

Do any of the other photos in the album show the same skirt and / or steps, that may give more clues to the date and the location?

Previous notes about this photo from Nona on the page Who Built Hirams Highway:

... a few weeks ago, I posted a couple of them on the Battle for HK's Facebook page. The date is a bit iffy as on the front, my father wrote "Feb 1946"  but on the back he wrote "Nov 1945"!

I was amazed to get a message from Bill Lake saying ... 

Hi Nona, I have just had it confirmed that the Royal Marine in the beige shirt holding the boy on his lap (third row back) is in fact Capt. John Wynne Potts. He had just finished building the Hirams Highway into Sai Kung. I have just confirmed it with his son Chris who was a Police Officer here in the 70's. 

Here's the photograph (drum roll ....!!) 

1945 Nov Hong Kong Liberation.jpg
1945 Nov Hong Kong Liberation.jpg, by Nona

As you can see, I opted for the Nov 1945 date 

I would be so happy if anyone here could tell me more about what this photo was all about, as would Bill Lake, I'm sure!  Originally I thought Lindy (front right) was holding onto a gun of sorts but Bill Lake said it looked more like she was holding bagpipes   Duh me!!!

David/Bill - Good to see you both recently.

These are my thoughts.

For Lindy to be in the photo, I think the photo would have been taken in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Close to where she resided.

The children appear to be of mixed parentage. Perhaps Macanese/Portuguese children.

The only place I can think of would be the steps leading to the former Portuguese Community School, Escola Camoes, off Cox’s Road.

This is the Google Street View of the location.