Fri, 12/25/2020 - 10:39

Dear All

I would like to know what plaque the girls were leaning on. There's a big signage on the top of the Magistrates Building. Wonder what it is.

Can anyone tell which year was this photo taken please.



2020 Christmas 

Date picture taken


Hi There,

There seemed to be the Sundial that used to be in the Victoria Park.    It was still there in the 1980's, I think, before they rip off most anything except the trees and re-design the layout of that man-made hill.

As far as I could recall, it was on the slope close to the top where there used to be a concrete fence.  Maybe I will go and have a look and see if they have relocated the sun-dial or have removed it altogether.


Although not shown in the original photo, the Pak Lee Building with the "Ronson" sign was completed in 1961. The photo link provided by Marlowe was taken in September 1963. The "Ronson" sign was still there in 1966 as viewed here The sign with the Chinese characters appears in 1967 as seen here Date range 1961-1966.

The original photo appears to be a personal photo. The age of the young girls may give a better indication of the year the photo was taken.