Sun, 12/20/2020 - 16:54

This one is located at an altitude between the other two.

Neither do I know who built them, nor why they had been built. Were they built as part of a leisure trail or what? 

The design didn't seem that typical ...

Date picture taken
18 Dec 2020


I took this photo, amongst others, on Oct 2, 1962, when we were allowed to leave KGV early due to swimming sports (I think)!!  Some of my friends and I "walked" from the Star Ferry to the end of Connaught Road (where the YC causeway was) but I can't remember how we made it up to Tiger Balm!

I circled the two buildings which I *think* could be two of the pavilions - but, of course, I could be wrong wink


1962 Oct 2 Tiger Balm.jpg
1962 Oct 2 Tiger Balm.jpg, by Nona