Alexandra Buildings - just after completion 1904

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:36

This photo is reproduced from the August,1904 edition of The Far Eastern Review. It shows the then just-completed Alexandra Buildings, on the corner of Des Voeux Road and Chater Road. The accompanying report states that the building was tenanted by the following businesses and organiizations:

G/F : A. S. Watsons  (Chemists); Messrs Powell & Co. & Goupp & Co. 

1/F : Ewens & Harston (Solicitors); Dr Swan ,Mr E.C Ray; Powell Ltd (Furniture showrooms) ;  Sun Fire Insurance Co.of Canada; China Mutual Insurance Co..

2/F:; Messrs watsons; J.D Humphreys & Son ,Estate & Finance Co.; Tramway Company ; Dres Stedman, Rennie & Harston,; North China Insuramce Co. ; Holland Trading.

3/F:  Palmer & Turner; Linstead & Davis, Chadwick Kew; W.D Draham; Drs Jordan & Gibson; China & Japan Steame Line

4/F : YMCA Rooms   

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