Royal Hong Kong Police Land Rover 1971 - Kwun Tong Police Station

Fri, 08/07/2020 - 16:06

An almost brand-new Royal Hong Kong Police Land Rover (Series 2A five-door station wagon) at Kwun Tong Police Station c.1971

This vehicle was allocated to the Divisional Commander of Kwun Tong Police Station.  Can anybody identify the  Probationary Police Inspector? 

I regret that I cannot remember  his name or the precise circumstances of the occasion. I think it may have been an Open Day at Kwun Tong Police Station but what I was doing there.......... I have no recollection, although it was definitely one of my photographs taken with a new Mamiya C330 Twin-Lens Reflex camera .  I do recall the police force had only recently been awarded  the 'Royal'  title and police officers had not yet been issued with the new RHKP insignia on their cap badges and epaulettes.


Date picture taken
1 Sep 1971