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On April 24, 1920, 19 year old Billy Tingle comprehensively defeated Australian Flyweight titleholder, "pale" Al White, in 10 rounds at Brisbane Stadium. Unfortunately, Tingle was half a pound over at the weigh in, and the fight was therefore not, as had been billed, classed as a championship bout. However, in the course of his stellar boxing career, Tingle would go on to win championships in higher weight divisions. This 1920 image of Billy Tingle, inscribed to famous boxing trainer, Tom Maguire, was sent to me by Australian boxing historian and author, Michael J. Clarke. Michael wrote in an accompanying note: The quality of Billy Tingle’s ability can easily be gauged by the standard of the boxers he was opposing – he was in the ring with the best. A great little fighter of the highest rank.

He was a very nice guy. A very nice guy.

He watched a few of us playing around in the pool at the LRC ( Ladies Recreation Club)  This was our after school playground. We would play a game of Marco Polo and be lost for other things to to. The cafe supplied toast and butter, coke etc..

Billy taught me to back dive from the side, safe, and then to the lower board and then  up again. Encouraging us all the time to just try something a bit more.

He was retired. I can remember all grey but very strong and fit. A very good diver and a good communicator.  

The LRC had a swimming team and had swimming in the morning before school. He may have been part of this. I know he was well regarded as there was a pretty strict mother on duty all the time. She had her table with " Duty member " or something similar.