Aberdeen Floating Restaurants 1986

Fri, 06/26/2020 - 00:35

Left of the floating restaurants, the Marine Police Aberdeen Base is visible.

Date picture taken
1 Oct 1986


I'm not sure the Tai Pak is visible in this image. The closest structure I believe is the final version of the Sea Palace, and the one in the background with the more ornate roof is the Jumbo.

Phil, I think you're right with Sea Palace. There was a lot of movement in the 1970s and 1980s with these floating restaurants. There are photos showing Tai Pak and Sea Palace next to each other:

Aberdeen Harbour - Enter The Dragon
Aberdeen Harbour - Enter The Dragon, by philk

That was the time when the ships were in the western part of the harbour.

In 1980, we have Sea Palace and Jumbo next to each other, probably in the southern part of the harbour already.

Sea Palace and Jumbo Floating Restaurants
Sea Palace and Jumbo Floating Restaurants, by glasnevinz

And finally Jumbo next to Tai Pak. Don't know when this happened and what's the fate of Sea Palace.

Aberdeen Floating Restaurants 2008
Aberdeen Floating Restaurants 2008, by smulan2

Hi Klaus, I think the original image you posted is showing the configuration with the Tai Pak at the other end of the line of restaurants (i.e. hidden from view). Also, the version of the Sea Palace in this image is the final version - a completely different design to the earlier ones - and was integrated into the "Jumbo Kingdom" as the "Jumbo Palace". This final version was sent to Qingdao at some point (I don't know when) and I believe was still there until quite recently, but sadly it's not the earlier design that was made to look like an Imperial boat.

I believe both Tai Pak and Sea Palace changed design at least twice over their respective lifetimes.