Causeway Bay 1869.jpg

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 15:57


I have this photo, I tried to figure out for quite a while where the location could be. Is that Causeway Bay in around 1869 ? On the right side that must be Morrisson Hill ?

Thank you so much

Date picture taken


One is looking at Wanchai. The white two storey buildings on the left is on Spring Garden Lane.  At the end of the buildings is Cross Street. Moving east, Cross Street meets up with Wanchai Road. The hill on the right is Hospital Hill. Morrison Hill is behind. Causeway Bay is behind Morrison Hill.

Update after tngan's comment:

The road that makes a left, then right turn should be Johnston Road, after the second turn Hennessy Road (probably not having this name then). In the left back is Kellett Island.

Moddsey, good find. I was quite sure that this photo was uploaded to Gwulo, but I didn't find it (althought it was posted by myself). 

Looking at the buildings, they do not differ so much on the one attributed to 1869 and the one to 1910. Possibly both photos are closer together regarding the dates they were taken.

Here is another similar photo, attributed to the 1910s. Looks quite different compared to the two others.

1910s Looking East (Wanchai), by Eternal1966

 And one more:

1910s Looking East, by Eternal1966