Java-China-Japan Line m.s. Tjisadane Passenger list 19 May 1937 Jakarta-Shanghai via Hong Kong, Xiamen

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Passenger list Java-China-Japan Line m.s. Tjisadane, 19 May 1937, Jakarta (Batavia) to Shanghai via Hong Kong and Xiamen (Amoy). It contains the name of David van Gelderen, returning from a long leave in the Netherlands, to Shanghai, where he worked for Unilever.

Courtesy Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a&gt;
item 1994.0465 Doc-0460 Java-China-Japan Lijn : Passenger list Java-China-Japan-Lijn NV. : ms. "Tjisadane" ... : 1937 ]

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Date picture taken
19 May 1937