MAN KIM or KIN-HKYF vehicle ferry

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The newsprint text cannot decide if to call it MAN TIM or MAN TIN. I suspect MAN TIN is correct..

I do not recall seeing any proper  photographs of this  oddity

Date picture taken
15 Jun 1947


Main picture says Kin, article says Kim. Neither appears to say TIm/Tin.

Wiki has a fairly decent list of the HYF ferries. Not sure how comprehensive it is.

Noteworthy though is the fact that the Man Kim is still in use as one of the bauhinia harbour party boats. Can't find a mention of a Man Kin.

If the hull of the present vessel is the original one, I suppose it could be classed as an "historic vessel" considering its age

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There is a blog out there with four photos of the Man Kim in different stages of its service live, except it current pink\white look for its cruising service.  I have an impression that the Man Kim is still being used to ferry dangerous goods (gasoline\LPG tankers, kerosine trucks, etc) between North Point and Kwun Tong sometimes.


The top picture in the HKYF Company 1973 booklet showing the MAN YEUNG is identical to the photo in the 1947 press report on the MAN KIM.

HYF early car ferries.png
HYF early car ferries.png, by HYF History 1973 Hong Kong Library



Thank you for posting the image with the side by side tugs. It reminded me of crossing the Red River Delta in North Vietnam in the 1980s on a very similar set-up on a large barge or old hull carrying a number of heavy Russian trucks. The small tugs struggled either side in strong winds as waves broke over the bow, while all around us were dozens of sailing junks moving swiftly in the wind.

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The current version has two vehicle decks and a passenger deck at the top despite the middle deck is of no use these days.  It did not look the same as the previous one if you compare the docking.

DSCF5210.JPG, by tngan

And shot the other two on the way:

Man Foo

DSCF5218.JPG, by tngan

Man Lok

DSCF5235.JPG, by tngan

Man Kai

mankai.jpg, by tngan


Noted the following in the China Mail dated 21 January 1946.

Hong Kong is going to have the vehicular ferry running again as from today, but for the time being, it is confined to Service use. The only vehicular ferry left that can be put in commission, the "Man Yeung" will run the service and operate a 90-minute schedule between the Vehicular Ferry Wharf in Hong kong and the Jordan Road Wharf in Kowloon.