Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:34

Someone is said to have been there lately, but not sure if he's correct.

Here's his photo of the ruin, only a wall is left standing in the dense vegetation.

Date picture taken


A bit hard to see what remains in that picture. When I visited (1996) the remains were being used as a rubbish tip, and the area was so heavily overgrown photography was difficult. Remaining was the right side back wall, right side wall to approximately the position of the loophole (inside the PB looking towards the front), and a very small section of the left back wall. There may have been more, but it was not obvious amongst the other rubbish.

Is it behind the Richmond Villa, ie, intersection of coordinates of the captioned and the Koo Ngam Ching Yuen(monastery/nunnery)?

Or is it at the intersection of the coordinates of the  Lee Uk Tsuen and Koo Ngam Ching Yuen?

The coordinates nearest Lee Uk Tsuen. Access started from the small carpark on Sha Tin Tau Road and steps which wandered up the hill to a - then - squatter village. The PB was well before the top of the hill, on the northeast side, and facing towards Sha Tin. I have no idea what the BP33 might be.

Tried my luck after climbing the rock at the peak, didn't come across BP33 again since I hurried downhill this time, it's easier to notice it if you go uphill.

Just tried to venture downhill behind the first hut, there's a large trap cage some metres below it. After that, it's quite dense, so we gave up. While descending the stairs between the squatters area and the Richmond Villas, there seemed to be a gap that went horizontally, though not much light passed through the thick canopy. We're not that determined to venture into this path, so we skirted the boundaries of Richmond Villas and Lee Uk Tsuen looking for ways to reach the slope behind, but failed.