Launch of Troopship Nevasa 1955.

Wed, 03/18/2020 - 21:23

Text-----The new troopship - Nevasa (20,800 tons)- after her launching in the Clyde on November 30 (1955) by Mrs. Boyd- Carpenter, wife of the  Minister of Transport and civil Aviation

A steam turbine vessel with a surface  speed of 17 knots, she is  being  fitted  with stabilisers. She is expected to go into service as a trooper in summer, 1956.

Date picture taken
30 Nov 1955


From the illustrated London news.--The British India Steam Company 21,000-ton Nevasa   is shown immediately after the launch from the Clydeholm dockyard of the Barclay, Curls and co.Ltd.  The trooper has 500 cabins for officers, warrant officers and their families and berths for 1,000 men on troopdecks.( I was on a troopdeck!)  Believe the first voyage was to the middle east Oct ? 1956.