1927 Austin Avenue - Aimai Villas

Mon, 12/02/2019 - 11:50

I think the buildings, 5 in total, are on Austin Avenue. The 1913 PWD Report under heading no. 139 gives No. 1-5 Aimai Villas as being on Austin Avenue. KIL 1172 is given. The triangular junction on the right is where Austin Avenue meets up with Kimberley Road.

Date picture taken


The Kowloon branch of the Helena May Institute opened at No. 8 Aimai Villas, Austin Road (Avenue) on 24 January 1930. China Mail 25 January 1930 refers.

Update: In 1933, the branch moved to 128 Boundary Road (sic). The opening of the new branch on 18 April 1933 is mentioned in the Hong Kong Daily Press the following day.