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Mon, 11/04/2019 - 01:38

Can anyone help with this photo please? Any thoughts welcome, i.e. where/what's happening/what's through the gateway? I guess if someone could translate the writing that would be useful! Apologies for the poor quality but it is a negative that I have scanned (hopefully the correct way around!) and then just reversed the colours. It was taken sometime between mid 1937 and late 1939. Thanks.


Date picture taken


It is one of rare Kathing photos in 1930s, showing both the people and scene of Kam Tin Kat Hing Walled Village 

The Chinese couplet :「吉水溯來源,歷代名流 綿世澤;慶雲占復旦,英霛毓秀振家聲」, I just try to translate here, please correct me if there is any mistake.

Tangs clan come from 吉水 ( Jishui country in Jiangxi, China ), bringing out various famous family members 歷代名流 from the past till now.

The walled village be brilliant after occuption ( disturbances on the taking over of the New Territories in 1988 ), ancestors strength the reputation of Tangs clan 



The ceremony (in Taipo) marking the formal handover of the NT didn't occur until April 1899 (the year after the NT lease was signed) and this was the trigger for the armed uprising by NT villagers.