Chinese village - Cheung Chau early 1930s

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 19:53
Date picture taken


Hello folks

This area seems to be the Hidden Village in Tai Shek Hau area, It was just steps away west of the little temple, as following the curl of the hillside.. The entire village was covered by many trees as depicted in the photo. On some stormy days, the  rain water could suddenly streaming  down heavily from the higher land nearby. That's why all the houses were being raised high by poles as shown, to avoid damages from floodings.

Going in further I remember there was the huge Starfruit Tree on the left, along the path and heading up the ridge which was the west border of the CLCY village. It was how I know what a Starfruit Tree really looks like. Further up on the ridge, there were dense bushes where the long-eared wild-looking man once lived.

Today the area is a park by the huge huosing complex. The old landscape is no longer alike.