Netherlands Harbour Works Co.: Construction of quaywall at Hong Kong, ca. 1925

Sat, 09/28/2019 - 14:06

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From the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam archives, here is a photo from a brochure by Netherlands Harbour Works Co. showing the construction of a quaywall at Hong Kong, ca. 1925.

I would be happy to receive comments on this photo: location, etc.

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Date picture taken


The Kowloon hills are in the background commencing with Kowloon Peak from the left. North shore of HK Island. Probably North Point.

On 7 August 1925, the Governor paid a visit of inspection to the Reclamation being undertaken by the Netherlands Harbour Works Company at North Point. He was received by Mr. Kwak Djoer-eng (likely Kwik Djoen-eng as mentioned here ) and proceeded round the yards where the process of making and handling the huge blocks of concrete was demonstrated.

His Excellency then departed on the Victoria and proceeded to the site where the new sea wall is being constructed, to see the concrete blocks being lowered into place underwater, with the assistance of divers. Hong Kong Daily Press 11 August 1925 refers.