1938 Wanchai - Retention of Single Blue Building

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 18:17

Following up on this photo , the single westernmost Blue Building still standing can be seen close to Arsenal Street. In 1938, tenders were invited for the demolition and removal of buildings at or near the Arsenal Yard as shown here The 1938 PWD Report under Demolition of Buildings at Arsenal Street provides an explanation - the work consisted of demolition of two buildings in Arsenal Yard, and the adjoining old building used as a workshop by the P.W.D. Electrical Office, to allow for the re-alignment of Queen's Road. The work commenced in May and was completed in August 1938.

I think the old building mentioned is the single Blue Building. 

Date picture taken
1 Mar 1938


Thanks. By 1934, there were plans to demolish the western portion of the Blue Buildings. It appears that the westernmost Blue Building was not demolished but retained for government use as a P.W.D Electrical Office or Workshop. The single Blue Building finally disappeared in 1938.

208. Electrical Workshop, Removal and Reinstatement: - The work consisted of doing a minimum amount of repairs to part of the Old Naval Canteen, Johnston Road to enable the electrical department to use it as a workshop. The removal was necessitated by the demolition of the Old Sailors and Soldiers Home which was used formerly by the electrical department.

Expenditure: $2,357.04

Source: 1934 PWD Report