Buffalo hides.

Sun, 05/12/2019 - 16:41

I have stitched together two photogaphs that I took in 1957/8, so that they show the complete bend in a river.  Can anyone identify where it was?  My memory is that it and several other photographs were taken in the same area, and were mainly taken on the Castle Peak Road between Yuen Long and somewhere in the Kam Tin area, although on the occasion when we hired a car in June, a letter to my parents says that we went as far as Sheung Shui, before being turned back at a 'Closed Area' sign, so some might have been up there.  However, I found this place again in 1981 and that was definitley on the main road in the Yuen Long, Kam Tin area. In 2006, an old lady in Yuen Long told me through an interpreter that she remembered this place as being fairly(?) close to Yuen Long but that it had all changed. In hope, Andrew S

Date picture taken
1 Jun 1958