Tiger Balm Garden

Sun, 04/28/2019 - 16:39
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Hello, and thank you for the comment.

Until you drew my atttention to the pavilion on the summit of what might be Jardine's Lookout (??), I hadn't noticed it, or the two less visible ones lower down the hillside.  I have not been able to see any reference to any of these either on Gwulo or on any of the old maps.  Malcolm, who died in 2015, was in Hong Kong just a few years prior to my time there  but he never mentioned them to me. Perhaps a more knowledgeable person than I am can shed some light into their origins and place a pin on the Gwuo maps to indicate the location of at least the one on the summit.  Regards, Andrew

Just visited the three of them these days, quite sure they are the ones in this photo. Glad that they still exist.

I have placed a pin of the location for the one in the mid level of the hill, and have explained in that page of how to get to all of the pavilions.

I've mentioned the way to look for it here in this page  https://gwulo.com/atom/38562.

Another way is to look for the dead end of 111 Mt Butler Rd where the service reservoirs are. Try cutting through the fallen branches and vines for the northern side of the Tai Hang #1 Fresh Water Service Reservoir, it's a few metres downhill in the jungle straight from the wire fence. 



I'm afraid that I cannot visit any of any of the pavilions as I live in England.  My question is based on the fact that, on Malcolm Trousdales's photograh that I posted, the hill top pavilion is much higher up than the Tiger Balm garden, and looks to me to be on either Jardines's Lookout or Mt Butler.  Any thoughts?  Regards, Andrew

22.2732892, 114.1953286

Alt. 192m

Though it's located nearest to 111 Mt Butler Rd, it's just south of Jardine's Lookout 433m. The summit of Mt Butler (435m) is comparatively further away on its southeast.

Tiger Balm Garden is at alt. ~80m