Jordan Road.

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 21:55

Any thoughts?

Date picture taken


Greetings.  I wonder about the traffic direction.  When did they drive on the right side on Jordan Road?  Regards,  Peter

Hi Peter.  The cars were all parked - no restrictions then about parking on the ‘wrong’ side of roads.  The car in the distance was facing the right way and was just  pulling out.  The cyclist happily cycled along the middle of the road - and was probably quite  safe to do so in those days! Regards Andrew

Thank you Andrew for the explanation.  One day, I rode my rental bicycle westbound on Tai Po Road following my friend to see his Shek Kip Mei home.  We travelled next to the curb while buses and trucks were passing us.  That required 100% attention and keeping my bicycle in line.  Regards,   Peter