ARP Truck

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 18:34

Photo courtesy of Mary Tiffen, Ph.D. daughter of AHS Steele-Perkins.

The back of the photo is stamped "(c) Hyland Lyon 1940".

Date picture taken


Thank you for posting the ARP photos. 

My first impression is that the view is of Canton Road. The waste ground in front would later become the King George V Memorial Park at the junction of Canton and Jordan Roads. Update: Appears that the daylight exercises took place on Sunday,17 December 1939 in the Yaumati district with Steele-Perkins and Governor Northcote in attendance. The area below at the time was known as Jubilee Park.

A similar view.

v Rickshaws.
v Rickshaws., by Vic Morley