Mt Davis i Inside old workshop.

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 22:05

This was another workshop bunker possibly on the left of the road up on the higher level. (Andrew S)

Date picture taken
1 Dec 2002


Hi Andrew,

David & I had been into this particular structure a few years ago when we joined up a local  casual tour there organized by some neighbour groups.  We had been winder what kind of room that was.  Do you have any recollection if it please?

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Hi T

I’m sorry to say that I know very little about Mt Davis.  In 1957/8 I wasn’t even aware that the R.A.F. had a small unit up there. I understand that it was an important RADAR facility, used to track planes into and out of Kai Tak and monitor flights around the area. A few years ago I heard that the team up there had also carried out repair work on wireless sets that needed more complex repairs than could be done at Little Sai Wan or Kai  Tak but I don’t know whether that was the case.  When I went there in 2002, I was puzzled by the long, rather low, horizontal concrete supports in one of the workshops. Being in the centre of that room they were designed to carry quite heavy things, which presumably needed to be viewed and accessed from both front and back.

Yesterday, I viewed the video footage that I filmed up there in late November 2002 and I was reminded how many old buildings there were, many scarcely visible in the undergrowth. I hope to be able to copy it and give a copy to David when he comes to London shortly.

Best wishes, Andrew