Boom from Macau ferry.

Thu, 02/21/2019 - 20:09

Peter noted. 'There was a boom across the wider access to the harbour so most shipping had to enter via Lyemun Gap.  There was enough space at the south end of the boom for the Macau ferry, along with junks and smaller boats to squeeze through.  I believe that here was a smaller gap at the north end by Stonecutters Island.'

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Nice Photo. I think Green Island is the larger island in the background with Little Green Island in the foreground. Sulphur Channel would be the normal entry route for the Macau ferries.

China Mail 23 August 1949

The western part of the Hong Kong Harbour will shortly be completlely sealed except for two 500-yard gaps. As a precaution of of movement into Hong Kong of undesirable elements and illegal goods, two light booms will be laid on the western harbour limits. One will be placed between Green Island and Stonecutters Island and the other between Stonecutters Island and the Torpedo Firing Pier at Lai Chi Kok.