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Picture of the S.S. Tjileboet (1918-1942), a 5760 grt vessel of the Java-China-Japan Lina, which stranded on April 5th 1927 on its way from Hong Kong to Singapore, was salvaged, and received a new foreship. It was sunk by the German submarine U 161 on 25 July 1942.

Date picture taken
10 Apr 1927


The Tjileboet ran aground at Ling Ting Island, 14 miles southwest of Hong Kong. Further information here The tugboat "Henry Keswick" (as seen in the photo) from the Whampoa Dockyard was dispatched to assist her. The salvage was completed on 28 April . The vessel was towed to Taikoo Dockyard for repairs.

1950s Map Of Hong Kong (Relative to Canton and Macao)
1950s Map Of Hong Kong (Relative to Canton and Macao), by Moddsey