Central Hong Kong, Silent Zone.

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 20:01

I'd forgotten that there used to be a Silent Zone in Central.  This photograph was taken looking West, with the cricket ground (now the Chater Garden) off to the right and the Cheero Club off to the left.

Date picture taken


Thank you for sharing your photos and those of your mates.

The silent zone in Central District was bounded by Queen's Road Central, Queen Victoria Street, Connaught Road Central, Murray Road at Queen's Road Central and Garden Road intersection. Enacted in December 1948 and came into operation the following year. HK Sunday Herald dated 19 December 1948 and HK Telegraph dated12 December 1949 report on the scheme. The photo above shows the eastern boundary of the silent zone at Queen's Road Central and Garden Road intersection.

Thank you Moddsey.  Over the next few weeks, maybe months, I shall upload a lot more of my old comrades' photographs for people to see and hopefully enjoy.  I am able to give a rough location for many of them , but not all and I try to add informative comments as I go along.  Any additional comments, etc., from people like yourself will of course add to the general knowledge and interest. The sub galleries will appear in alphabetical order, with each 367 Association member having his own gallery - unless there are only a very few images, in which case they will go into the catch-all 'All Others' gallery at the start.  I have always admired your contribution to Gwulo and the interesting comments that you have added to all sorts of material.  Well done.  Andrew