Boiled egg mats.JPG

Sat, 08/25/2018 - 01:35

Has anyone ever come across these tiny boiled egg mats and napkins in the context of Hong Kong table linen in a bygone age? They seem to have been embroidered entirely for the purpose of eating boiled eggs and protecting eggcups in the age when afternoon tea and even picnics were ceremonial affairs. They were among the very few Hong Kong valuables and mementoes taken to England when my family left Hong Kong in 1938 and then taken on to Canada when they emigrated. I assume they were a treasured parting gift from an amah. The napkins are 6 inches (16 cm) square when spread out. The material is so delicate I can’t imagine that it would survive much hand scrubbing and doubt the mats have ever been used. Perhaps someone else with a Hong Kong past has inherited something similar.

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