Notes on the Kew family

Fri, 08/24/2018 - 16:52
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This image looked like some traditional Chinese genealogy notes (族譜).  I could not make out all of the text, but it seem to show this is for the 28th Generation of the family.  In the image there seem to be a page for the 27th generation (page 14, maybe?)


A casual read revealed:

- William Ah Kew has one wife (Sara H Whitely) and two Concubines (only with their surnames Li and Tong)

- William has seven sons but only gave their names.  Their further information may be listed in the 29th Generation pages;

- Others entries are for William's siblings, cousins and their spouses (if applicabe).  Only surnames of the spouses were available.  But for a more thorough trace we may have to read the other pages.

- The script appeard to be written using a mixture of Traditional Chinese and Cantonese dialect, with the pin-yin of the foreign names using Cantonese phonics.

I will try to ask someone else if they could make out the hand writings.

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Agree with tngan. It's part of a genealogy book. 

I could make out most of the words, apart from two: 



衍徑翁 諱瑞球 係永佑公之長子 「淑」配屈利氏 側室李氏唐氏 

公生七子 長楊銘翁 次楊春翁 三楊秀翁  四楊廸翁  五楊滾翁  六楊俊翁  七楊洋翁  


衍輝翁 諱瑞洪 係永佑公之次子 「淑」配司徒氏

公生三子 長堯興翁 次「搞」興翁 三寶興翁 


衍焯翁 諱瑞琼 係永佑公三次子 「淑」配朱氏


譽衍翁  係溶永公之長子 「淑」配

名燕翁  係溶永公之次子 「淑」配