Comet Tank-20ZR65- Sek Kong 1957-58.

Sun, 07/22/2018 - 02:01

Queens Birthday Parade Kowloon 1958.

Date picture taken
21 Apr 1958


Have recently been informed that this tank reg. 20ZR65 in Apr. 1945 while with 3 R.T.R. was 1 of a troop of Comet Tanks that knocked out a German Tiger tank at a bridgehead over the River Aller near the town of Essel in Germany. All the Comet Tanks at Sek Kong were scrapped in 1959 and replaced by Centurion Tanks, is there anyone out there that knows what happened to the Comets?

The saluting dais was normally outside the Club de Recreio on Gascoigne Road. Guess this section of road was near the USRC.

Thanks Moddsey.....confirming my memories of 60 years ago.Yes I was with my parents by Club Recreio opp USRC watching what was quite an impressive display of hardware!